HD Engineering & Development offers a wide range of services to assist our customer with analysis, technical solutions and new product introduction (NPI), Directing, providing technical guidance in the design, development, assembly, or test engineering disciplines within product engineering.
The firm has the experience to function as an extension of your company design and compliance engineering team. HD Engineering & Development provides the best solution to your outsourcing needs.

Engineering & Design

HD Engineering & Development uses top of the line CAD design tools enabling fast design of prototypes. Performing computerized 3D modeling, static calculation and simulation, parts and assembly drawings and BOM’s in accordance to customer’s standards and requirements.

CAD Platforms:
● SolidWorks, Our main design tool
● Autodesk Inventor
● Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER)
● Autodesk AutoCad
This variety gives HD Engineering & Development the capability to convert and use design files from a wide range of formats and modify models and drawings during design stage and the production process.


System Integration

HD Engineering & Development works in collaboration with it sub-contractors in order to achieve a full solution for its partners and clients, the firm has the ability to take a completed design and implement it.

HD Engineering & Development have close relations with certified suppliers and subcontractors of machining, sheet metal, electronics, packaging, thermal tests and more.


Advanced Medical Packaging

One of HD Engineering & Development expertise is the design and production of medical
packaging solution. The firm has years of experience in designing a high quality solutions for
sterile barrier systems and protective packaging.

HD Engineering & Development design using ISO 11607-1:2006 standard and make sure that our solutions will pass the tests defined by ISO 11607-2:2006. The design process is well documented and is done with several design reviews, from the PDR stage up to the CDR stage.
All of HD Engineering & Development sterile barriers are produced by a certified suppliers of an ISO 8 (Class 100000) cleanroom using a clean medical grade materials only. All of the tooling involved in the manufacturing of the sterile barriers are especially produced to work in a cleanroom environment by a certified manufacture in order to ensure that the final product will meet the high standards defined by the firm.


Systems Enclosures & Platform

HD Engineering & Development is able provides a variety of enclosures and packages design for the electronic & electromechanical industry.

With AIK-ITS as a partner, HD Engineering & Development can reach a high standard of systems enclosures based upon year of experience in the field.
Design of new Racks, Cabinets & Drawers or adaptation of modular COTS Racks & Cabinets to our customers needs, for command and control systems, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Communication equipment, Simulators and special purpose equipment. Ruggedized enclosures for use in harsh environments. Vehicles, clean rooms etc.
We implement in our design standards such as Humidity resistance, RFI/EMI, Safety standards and Medical standards


Turnkey Projects

HD Engineering & Development is offering complete turnkey end to end solutions, involving modular products and customized design that meets our clients.

We offer full-service solution through the entire project life cycle, from concept development through start-up and turnover. Our approach is to take existing solutions and proven design concepts as a leverage to meet any custom application. This approach insures that HD Engineering & Development will provide quality, compliant solutions with reduced lead time, costs and risks.


Maintenance & Support

HD Engineering & Development provides you with the expertise and technology to sustain and enhance your product or investment.

We offer professional services that cover consultants, operational support and training, providing you with a range of maintenance service options, after warranty expires (LTS). Our support personnel are customer oriented and ready to resolve any problem quickly and efficiently via email, phone and on-site support.



HD Engineering & Development design and develops tooling for a variety of needs, from hand
tools for ad hoc situations and up to molds and cutting tools.



HD Engineering & Development is able to train engineers to preform maintenance, supervision
and production operations on-site, reducing delays on production line.



HD Engineering & Development plans and performs testing for products using a wide range of testing platforms and unique techniques. The firm also develop and produce testing tools to perform the required tests.

All testing is done in accordance to ISO/DIN/ANSI standards, with respect to the clients needs and demands.



HD Engineering & Development is able to create full set of customers required drawings and
documentation, all meet with the needed standard of each client.


Pulsatile Pumps

HDE’s pulsatile pumps simulate the natural human heart rhythm, enabling you lab to simulate the human blood cycle. The pumps comes in various designs, each one that fits the user’s needs, from a high volume pulsatile blood pump with a blood head to a liquid only pump.

The pumps can be modifies to incorporate the following:

  • Touch screen enabled.
  • High loads and high bpm.
  • Proven reliability.
  • Computer/remote controlled.
  • Sensor enabled.
  • Stand alone system or integrated.
  • Advance logger.

This versatile configuration enables HDE in fitting the best pulsatile pump to your needs.